If you want to learn the fundamentals of Ableton, this 2-month course is designed for you.
Skip years of watching tutorials by learning in a structured way how to make music with Phil Marie using Ableton.

The purpose of this course is to teach you what a DAW (digital audio workstation) is, why Ableton Live is a unique DAW, the difference between the Session View and Arrangement View, how to work with midi instruments and audio material, and much more.
You will learn how to: 
  • Set up your Ableton
  • Arrangement & Session view
  • Programming midi - working with midi
  • Instruments and drum rack
  • Sampling
  • Recording audio
  • Editing Midi and audio 
  • Mapping controls
  • Using Automation 
  • Routing 
  • How to make a beat (Tips)

Meet your instructor Phil Marie a.k.a MONO
Electronic music producer and Multi-Instrumentalist, Phil has a background experience with piano and guitar which heavily influenced his approach towards melody.
With his love for heavily bass synth, armed with an infinite passion and some new vision for the music itself ;he is always ready to pass the energy flow to the dancing minds listening.

Price & Duration

Rs15,000 duration 2 months. 8 Sessions of 1 hour.

Here To Help You Learn

Friendly, clear and professional training from an artist who is active in the industry.

Early booking and registration is recommended to secure your place, Limited places available.

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